Recent Extreme Events and What Is on the Horizon

29 February, 2024 | 12:00-1:00pm ET

2024 has picked up where 2023 left off with a series of extreme events across the country – snowstorms, the Polar Vortex, impacts from El Niño, and the approaching severe weather season. Join the discussion on recent impacts across the country and internationally, as well as what we all can expect heading into the spring and summer. Panelists will join us based on the latest extreme weather events.


Michael Musher

Michael Musher is currently with NOAA Communications and is a Public Affairs Specialist with the National Weather Service. Michael has been a dedicated meteorologist and communicator his entire career and started with the National Weather Service in 2002. He began in the National Weather Service with the Weather Prediction Center (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center at the time), under the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, as a well-versed operational meteorologist. He then transitioned in 2018 to the National Weather Service Operations Center and was on the forefront and leader in Impact-Based Decision Support Services while constantly communicating and collaborating with National Weather Service leadership and regional operation centers along with other federal partners. Mike started his career in the private sector at the Weather Channel as a behind-the-scenes meteorologist and forecaster, working directly with on-camera meteorologists and producers. Mike has a B.S. in meteorology and earth sciences from Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

Doug LeComte

Douglas LeComte is the Executive Editor of Weatherwise Magazine, having been a Contributing Editor since 1980. He grew up in Ridgefield, NJ, showing an early fascination with weather, especially snowstorms. LeComte built his own weather station during childhood summers in rural NH.

LeComte earned a BS in meteorology at NYU in 1968 and served as a Weather Officer in the USAF, including a stint as a part-time weathercaster for American Forces TV in Okinawa. After leaving the USAF in 1972, he obtained a masters in atmospheric science at the State University of NY at Albany. LeComte then began a long career with the government, including roles in monitoring weather extremes and calculating their cost. He retired in 2010 but continues to monitor global weather for Weatherwise Magazine, creating annual summaries of the top weather events based on costs, impacts, size, and rarity.


Steve Glazier

Steve Glazier is an AMS Certified broadcast meteorologist at WeatherNation, located in Denver, Colorado. There, he leads a team of more than a dozen meteorologists in communicating the daily national and regional weather headlines. Steve has been interested in weather since he was just seven years old, when he would collect the weather information for his father's race car to see how it affected the vehicle. Steve has been a broadcast meteorologist for 16 years, working in Colorado, Florida, and Vermont. He has his Bachelor's of Science in Meteorology from Lyndon State College in Vermont.